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September 26, 2012

United Way Day of Caring 2012 — Amazing Volunteers, Fantastic Day!

Filed under: Uncategorized — Tracy Doering @ 7:14 pm

On Friday, September 21st, three teams from Microsoft participating in United Way’s Day of Caring came to Jasper’s Park and enthusiastically moved many mountains of cedar ground cover (aka “hog fuel”), won a hard fought battle against the blackberry vines and nettles, cleared a new pathway to the park and installed a new kiosk in the small dog area.   We owe much gratitude to United Way (Louis Mendoza, volunteer events coordinator), Microsoft and these amazing individuals from Microsoft’s Office & Business Solutions Legal (led by Tawnya Maddox), Online Services Finance (led by Wayne Teeger) and Xbox Live (led by Monica Carranza) groups who came out to the park to help us that day.  I still have in my head the mental images of some of the guys doing multiple wheelbarrow sprints up steep hills over thick ground cover and digging out root balls the size of watermelons – it was like watching volunteer special forces out there!

Thank you also to Kirkland Fred Meyer for a generous donation of sports drinks to keep these very hard working people hydrated.

Because of the massive amount of work that was done during the Day of Caring, Jasper’s Park has taken on a whole new look and will not have to be closed for multiple Saturdays this fall — the Day of Caring volunteers accomplished at least four Saturdays of work in just one fantastic day.   Booyah, Microsoft volunteers!   In the words of my favorite animated movie character, Rhino from the movie “Bolt,” “You’re fully awesome!   AWE-SOME!”   From KDOG, me and all the families who visit and love Jasper’s Park, thank you so much!

Did Someone Say “FREE TREAT?”

Filed under: Uncategorized — Amy @ 4:52 pm

Yes, there’s a free treat in store, but this treat is for the DOG OWNERS.   Robin Foster, PhD, is offering a free Dog Park Safety Workshop on October 13th at Jasper’s Dog Park at 10:30 am.  RSVP at KDOG’s site as space is limited.  Robin is a Research Professor at the University of Puget Sound and Canine/Feline/Equine Behavioral Consultant with Adaptive Animals.

Little background info about Robin (in her own words):

“Let me begin by saying that I have never spent a day in my life without at least one dog. My current pets are a 13 year old female cat named Yoshi, adopted from the Seattle Humane Society and a 5 year old male English Setter named Jadon. I have shown English and Gordon setters in conformation. I board two pleasure horses in Bridle Trails, a 17 year old Paint mare, Lady, and a 13 year old retired racing throroughbred, JoeJava, and am a member of the Lake Washington Saddle Club. I also bred and own three young thoroughbred horses, a yearling male, Thunder, and two weaning fillies, Bella and Buzz. I also have raised reptiles (snakes, anoles, and a chameleon), many rodents (rats, mice, hamsters, and guinea pigs), birds (including budgies, a cockatiel, and a rescued and hand-raised baby pigeon), and salt and fresh water aquarium fish. Can you tell that I’m a bit of an (undiscriminating) animal lover?”

How long have you been working with animals and pet owners?

“I have worked professionally with animals in one capacity or another since 1979. Much of it has been academic research on animal social behavior and communication in the natural environment. My work with companion and domestic animals includes a year with the Humane Society in Ann Arbor, Michigan, five years studying temperament in companion and therapy horses, and one season working with the racehorses at Emerald Downs.

What approach do you take in training your clients?

“The approach that I take is guided by scientific and ethical principles, and is generally referred to as a “positive” approach.. I follow the recommendations of the Animal Behavior Society and the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior, which are founded in scientifically validated processes. My education, teaching, and research—in learning theory, animal behavior and communication, ecology, behavioral genetics, neuroscience, and psychology—let me to draw from multiple disciplines. From an ethical perspective, the approach I take puts the welfare of the animal and the quality of the human-animal relationship first.”

Why did you become involved with KDOG?

“I heard that KDOG was seeking an animal behaviorist.  Because off-leash areas serve an important role in socialization, exercise, and enrichment to urban dogs, I was eager to make a contribution to this effort. The Kirkland location was particularly appealing because I would like to work with more clients from this area.”

How can dog owners contact you?

“I can be reached through Adaptive Animals. My direct email address is”


September 15, 2012

Dog Park Safety Workshop at Jasper’s Dog Park – CANCELLED

Filed under: Uncategorized — Amy @ 5:52 pm


Have questions about Dog Park Etiquette or how to keep your dog safe while having fun at the dog park?  Join KDOG at Jasper’s Dog Park on October 13th for a Dog Park Safety Workshop with Robin Foster, PhD. Robin is an Animal Behavior Research Professor at the University of Puget Sound and a Canine/Feline Behavioral Consultant with Companion Animal Solutions, .  She is also an Equine Behavioral Consultant with Adaptive Animals,

This workshop if free, but RSVP is required at or email KDOG at  Please leave your dog at home for this event.